Laura (on the left) is writing this description: I’m an astrologer and a co-founder of New Moon, and the primary content creator for the site. I love cats, plants (esp. coffee) and making my friends try the weird herbal remedies I concoct in my kitchen. I use astrology to help people work with and master the gifts and challenges of who they are. My goal is to make astrology more accessible and easy to understand so that the people I work with can use it in their lives.

You can book a reading with me here. I do readings online via Google Hangouts, or in person at my home or at Inspiration Point.

Here’s a little expansion on how I approach astrology:

There are two major things I love about astrology: teaching a language that helps people see themselves more clearly, honestly, and lovingly, and connecting to the value of cycles of death and rebirth.

Eva (on the right) is a tarot reader and teacher, and the other co-founder of New Moon. She has been reading professionally for years at Inspiration Point, and her practice helps people connect with their own intuition and understanding of the cards.

You can book a reading with Eva by calling Inspiration Point at (716) 883-8670.

We are both based in Buffalo, New York.

Where To Find Us

Eva is at

Inspiration Point
483 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 883-8670

(Laura is mostly on the internet and at her house, but also sometimes at Inspiration Point.)



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