Libra New Moon Week: Sep 28-Oct 5

Saturday, September 28

The ♎ Libra New Moon ♎ starts the week on Saturday. This is a good time to set intentions around love, beauty, harmony, and balance. I would put particular emphasis on balance: Libra season has been full of tension, due to all the Capricorn-Cancer energy we’re dealing with.

Venus sextile Jupiter: We're enjoying our spiritual growth. We may be particularly moved toward topics of justice.

Saturn sextile Neptune: This aspect is a long one; it will last through Nov 30. During this time we'll see our hard work and material goals intersecting with some very high vibe spiritual resonance. This will be a time in which we start to see the higher purpose behind what we've been trying to accomplish all year.

Tuesday, October 1

Venus square Pluto: Our beautiful inspiration faces some friction with our need to be ruthlessly honest, tear down what isn't working, and bring the truth to light.

Thursday, October 3

Pluto stationary direct: We enter about six months during which Pluto's effects in Capricorn (tearing down structures that don’t work anymore) are more obvious and external.

Mercury enters Scorpio: our thoughts turn darker, and more emotional (maybe also spookier?). Mercury will station retrograde in Scorpio at the end of the month, on Halloween. 🎃💀

Friday, October 4

Mars enters Libra: our drive moves to creating something beautiful. We may be more passive aggressive than usual, too—the consequence of aggressive Mars moving through peace-making Libra.