Venus in Scorpio, Oct 8 through Nov 1, 2019

My intent with these Weekly Astrology videos is to dig in to an aspect that is affecting us each week, talk about the macrocosmic effects (how it affects all of us) and then zoom in to the microcosmic effects (how to understand how it’s affecting you personally). I ran out of time though! So this video is an overview—read below for how it effects you.

The Big Picture

Venus in Scorpio is full of physical passion, overflowing with emotion, attentive to power and its use/abuse, and able to find the pleasure in things that would normally be painful. This can be kind of a superpower, and it’s going to help us a lot with understanding some of what we’ve been struggling with this year, but it can be H-E-A-V-Y.

A big factor in this transit is that every time Venus moves through Scorpio for the next 7 years, she’ll be coming into an opposition with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus is pointing us toward radically different ways of relating to the Earth, the Feminine, and all forms of sustenance and provision—including money. There’s real potential that these next 7 years move us toward a change in our consciousness that (fingers crossed) will lead us to being able to survive on this planet.

This transit has a real heaviness to it, like wearing a soaking wet sweater. It’s an energy of worrying so much about something that we just kind of stop moving for a while. It’s a sense of loss and sorrow. But the good news is: that sense of loss and sorrow contains the seeds of recovery.

Who is most affected

This is a simplified look at who will feel most affected by Venus in Scorpio. Each of us will feel radical change in one area of our lives come into tension with a kind of sensual overload in another area—but Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo will feel it most intensely.

If you have planets in Scorpio (including the Sun, which is a planet in astrology 🤪) expect the themes of those planets to get an aesthetic and sensual boost this month as Venus transits them.

(If you’re curious about the themes, you can download the astrology symbols guide, which will give you a quick summary).

If you’re a Scorpio or a Taurus rising, you’re going to feel this transit deeply. Venus in Scorpio highlights the relationship between your identity (1st house) and your intimate relationships (7th house).

♏︎If you’re a Scorpio rising, the radical change is in your intimate relationships: you’re developing a new way of being in relationship that suits who you are as an individual. The sensual overload is in your identity—you’re likely to be intensely charismatic this month.

♉︎If you’re a Taurus rising, the radical change you’re in the midst of developing is in your identity and sense of self. As Venus moves through your seventh house of intimate partnerships, the sensual overload is in how you relate to others—most likely romantically, but this can also be BFFs, business partners, enemies. I know this sounds fun, and you’re used to relationships that have a Scorpionic tone, but be cautious, please—this could be explosive.

If you’re an Aquarius or a Leo rising, this is a big transit for you, too. Venus in Scorpio highlights the relationship between your home and family—we could also say your origins (4th house)—and your career and reputation (10th house). Venus is also squaring* your ascendant/descendant, which means it’s creating a lot of friction with how you think about yourself and how you relate to your partner(s).

♒︎If you’re an Aquarius rising, you’re experiencing major long-term change in your sense of home and family, and the sensual overload is happening in your reputation and career. You might start getting a lot of attention, or you might find yourself relishing things about your reputation that you thought you hated.

♌︎If you’re a Leo rising, you’re experiencing major long-term change in your reputation and career—something about what you are known for and how you show up in the world is changing radically. The sensual overload this month is happening in your sense of home and family. I know “sensual overload” and “family” don’t sound great together, but there are all kinds of ways that this Venus in Scorpio transit can shift how you enjoy your experience of home , and how you relate to where you come from.