Full Moon in Taurus

Full moon in Taurus, Wednesday, October 24, 12:45p EST
Venus Retrograde at 4 degrees Scorpio
Full Moon opposite Venus in Scorpio 5:59p EST

Venus is mid-way through her Underworld journey. We have been understanding the ways we have been hurt by others, and we have been learning something about the choices we have in how we respond to that pain. 

Will we shut down, numb out, lock ourselves up to feel protected?

Or can we stay open and tender even while we’re hurting? Can we let ourselves feel joy while we’re in pain? 

And what are the consequences if we can’t?

With the full Moon in Taurus and Venus* in Scorpio, we are in the axis of the zodiac that deals with pleasure and pain. Pain and pleasure are intense sensation, experienced as positive or negative, and a lot of us have an impulse to shut that down when it gets too intense, to try and feel nothing instead. But when we do that, we are numb and deadened.

This full moon is telling us there may be another option: to stay open and alive with pain and pleasure and joy and sorrow all fully in gear. Lit up. Electrified. All together.

Happy full moon! 🌕

*and the Sun, and Mercury, and Jupiter!