Mercury Retrograde Shadow

June 20 marks the first day of the Mercury retrograde shadow period, and this Mercury retrograde will take us through eclipse season. We’ll need to start discerning what is most important to us, making choices and refusing opportunities if they don’t align with what feels true at the deepest level.

In any retrograde, we go over a theme three times: first in the pre-retrograde shadow, where we uncover the theme for the first time (that’s today through July 7); then during the retrograde, when we review it (July 7-31); and finally in the post-retrograde shadow period, when we tie it up and (hopefully) understand it (July 31-August 15).

A little Mercury retrograde tip from me, a person who approaches every transit like I am studying for a test: you might have a better time getting through it if you start keeping a journal today of the things that are coming up for you. Then when we hit the retrograde--which is, in its very essence, a review--you can go back and see what it is exactly you’re being asked to review.